death stranding trailers: this game will be SO difficult to understand man you will not Believe It.
death stranding game: hits you over the head with a hammer until you understand the themes, still keeps hitting you with it just so its totally clear to you what the game is about

Oh, boo hoo! Let me play a sad song for your little elitist gambling games on the world's smallest violin.
postmarket os is based as fuck. literally alpine for the pinephone

selfie, e/c, weight loss (+) 

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have I mentioned how much I love my new setup?

everything except for the nginx reverse proxy runs in a container
everything is located in /app
any configs (including docker-compose.yml or up/ are located in /app/[appname]
whatever needs to be bind-mounted is in /app/[appname]/data
apps are “installed” using ./app/app install [appname] - any config files are installed in their locations, if the app is not open source the source code is downloaded and a container is built, and a certificate is obtained and installed if necessary
apps are started using ./app/app up [appname]
apps are stopped using ./app/app down [appname]
default configs (i.e. default nginx.conf) are dropped in /app/misc
everything is checked into source control except for data and app sources

@bigchungus69 your handle is so incredibly based I don’t know what to do with myself

> gets over 10 boosts

yeah i'm a celebrity now :meowThinkingSunglass:

If you 40± and say "im a savage" pls
change your diaper and leave

Bro i dont trust vax
Bro i dont know whats in it
But i,dont trust it
Bro it just came out

Anyway the new mCcrib just droped.

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super autistic investor group